Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening

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Plasma Fibroblast non-surgical rejuvenating skin treatment.

Plasma is an innovative treatment that delivers the same results as surgery, but without suturing or scalpels. The area to be treated is changed into vapour (sublimated) using the plasma beam without hurting the muscle or deep skin.

Non Surgical Blepharoplasty – tightens hooded eyelids & skin around lower and upper eyelids

(The ONLY treatment to tighten eyelids without surgery)

Undesired face wrinkles – crow’s feet, frown lines, necklines, smoker’s lines, etc.

Scars such as acne scars, stretch marks, or post-surgery scars

Skin tightening - Any loose or sagging skin, chest, bust, stomach, arms elbows, thighs, knees, 

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